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Hello, I’m Dascha Paylor

I write an eclectic mix of short fiction and create AI art, some of which appears in my stories.

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Eclectic Ink is a publication for readers who enjoy a broad range of fiction genres. On these pages you’ll find everything from contemporary fiction to science fiction to fantasy to the occasional horror story. Stories may be humorous, serious, and occasionally devastating in their emotional impact. They can be as short as fifty words or as long as three thousand.

I often include the story behind the story, though this appears “below the line,” allowing readers to skip it if they so desire. Most of my readers seem to enjoy hearing about where my stories come from and how they evolve.

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Keep reading. Keep imagining. Keep smiling.


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Writer, freelance editor, life coach, disabled physician, mom, grandma, and crazy dog mom, living in beautiful British Columbia. she/her