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Every morning, during my meditations, I remind myself that every moment is filled with an opportunity to live my life in a new, more positive way. I have been thinking a great deal about the abuse and violence that is occurring in our world right now and I was thinking about my own upbringing. My parents never actively defended those who were being ridiculed or attacked but I never remember them sharing racist jokes or put downs. I don't remember them judging anyone based on their ethnicity or beliefs or colour. However, one day I took their simple lesson one step further. I spoke up when I was in a safe environment and the folks I was with were casting about jokes, and laughing at them, regarding sexual orientation. The first time was the hardest. I can't say I wouldn't be afraid to confront some strangers out there but within my circle, I now speak up. It is always time for school. It is always time to learn a better way. I like the direction you took with this, especially in this moment. Thanks, Dascha 💕

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You're very welcome, my friend. Like calls to like. Our hearts are very much in alignment. 🙏💕

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